The French Macaron – 1

I finally did it. I finally sucked it up and attempted making those picky little sandwich cookies called the macaron. Oh, how I love the little guys but with the hefty price tag ranging from $1.75 to $3 per cookie, I had been wanting to try making them myself for quite a while. My wallet simply can’t support my love for macarons! The only thing that stopped me was how notorious the macaron is for failing (multiple times) for even the most seasoned bakers. However, I guess all it took was a new resolution:

Macaron 1

On my past trip to Asia, we stopped by South Korea and, subsequently, my old home of Daejeon. One of our stops was at an Italian restaurant called Flying Pan, which was one of a chain of restaurants owned by Sungsimdang, the oldest (and most famous) bakery in the city. When I came back, I told myself I would make whatever the month’s drawing was… and February was the macaron.

So, I was a couple of days late, but I still made it! Here are the few faces of my macaron babies (notice the cracked shell in the background, haha):

Macaron Set

This is not quite listed under recipe because I’m still trying it out. I would say this would be my online foray into what would be my cooking (in this case, baking) journal. I want to try out as many macaron recipes as I can until I can find one I am comfortable enough with to call my go-to macaron recipe (is there such thing??). It may take me years, but I will get there one day!  Continue reading


[RECIPE] Green Tea Bundt Cake

I love tea. I love desserts. Bundt cake – or, really, any cake – fits under the aforementioned category. Green tea Bundt cake fits under both the aforementioned categories. Hence, when I came across this recipe, I froze – I had to make it. Plus, it was intriguing: the only liquids used were sour cream/Greek yoghurt, eggs, olive oil, and flavoring extracts. I just had to!

The Before!

On another topic that slightly veers off… it always amused me how there’s a cake named after the fact that it’s baked in a ring-shaped pan – a Bundt cake pan. Either way, cake is cake and I guess a cake shaped a certain way a lot more festive! Not to mention amusing to those unfamiliar with it…

Friend A: What’re you eating?
Friend B: A bundt cake.
Friend A: What’s that?
Friend B: A cake shaped like a Christmas wreath.
Friend A: …right.

Either way, I gobbled it up!

Last Bite!

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