[PLACE] Common Bond

I first heard of this place on the news. I mentally added it onto my list of Places to Go in Houston, but I never got around to it until sometime around two months ago. My sister and I decided to drop by at around 1 PM on a weekday only to find out that their display case of pastries (what we were going for) was completely empty. Completely sold out. We left empty handed.

What is this place? Common Bond.

Common Bond

My birthday was this past week and one of my friends insisted on meeting up. I suggested this place and – awesomely enough – it was on his list of places to visit as well! So we went. I did a little bit of research and found out that the place was particularly busy for brunch, which is served from 9 through 3 on the weekends. We decided to meet right when they opened to get good parking spots (they supposedly have a small lot) and to finally get to see these pastries of theirs, hoping that first time was a fluke.

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[PLACE] Patisserie Jungle Cafe

I’ve heard of this place several times – mainly how delicious their desserts are and how utterly expensive it is. As someone with a sweet tooth, I decided that I would give it a go one day. When one of my friends got me a slice of cake for my birthday from there and my entire family gathered around it and exclaimed over its beauty and taste, it cinched it: I was going to go very soon.

And so I did.

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