Traveling Through Post – 11

Here’s another long-due mass post of postcards that I’ve received since November 2014. Obviously, there was a slight lull since I was out of the country for a little over a month, but it was quite a treat whenever I open my mailbox and find another mystery card from someone!



Traveling Through Post – X

Has it really been that long since I updated my postcard wall?

Why, yes, it has.

Even though I don’t keep up with posting them up online in a prompt manner, I always do a little happy dance when I find another one in my mailbox. 🙂 It’s not the cheapest hobby, but it’s definitely cheaper than actually traveling! …Quite honestly, I’d love to be there in person.

Alas, the woes of being an adult!

I just love how they’re all different; I wonder if I will ever receive repeat postcards…

Traveling through Post – IX

Here’s another set!

Even though I started postcrossing as a hobby of sorts – a way to get to know our neighbors from afar and “travel” by getting glimpses of life and other people and cultures – I feel like it just nudges the travel bug within me more. 

Until I can go on another trip abroad, I guess these will have to do. At least my mailbox is happy and so am I. 🙂

Traveling Through Post – VIII

I actually had these ready for a good month but was too busy with life and work in general. I’ve got quite the collection, here!

Funny enough, the next batch should be ready soon as well. 🙂

Traveling Through Post – V

It’s been a LONG time!

I can’t say that it was glaringly obvious to me because I was swept up in a ton of things… work, life, marriage.

Even so, I’m still regularly sending off postcards every month and they started to accumulate in my pile of Postcards To Scan… It’s going to take a while, but here are a few of the ones I’ve received since September 2013.

Has it really been that long??