Traveling Through Post – VII

I’ve finally caught up with the postcards!

There are so many different varieties of postcards. …Why can’t I find ones in the US that aren’t in the usual rectangular shape??? There’s even that one that looks strange that’s actually a peel-off decal!


Traveling Through Post – VI

Yes, the next quick batch (and there’s a lot more, this time!)!

Is it wrong that sometimes, I feel a little envious of these little pieces of thick paper? They get to travel around. Then again, they can’t really record where they’ve been (or even have a say in it), so I guess I’d still rather be human. 🙂

Traveling Through Post – V

It’s been a LONG time!

I can’t say that it was glaringly obvious to me because I was swept up in a ton of things… work, life, marriage.

Even so, I’m still regularly sending off postcards every month and they started to accumulate in my pile of Postcards To Scan… It’s going to take a while, but here are a few of the ones I’ve received since September 2013.

Has it really been that long??