[PLACE] Torchy’s Tacos

I haven’t had “fast food” in a while, so when my friend suggested tacos for our next culinary Tacossssadventure, I was a bit excited. I was even more excited when I found out that they had vegetarian* options (and it wasn’t truly fast fast food)! Having had said that, their idea of vegetarian does not include eggs, because when I ordered my second item (migas taco) which contained eggs, they said it wasn’t vegetarian. Anyway, moving on from the vegan versus vegetarian question, which I thought was interesting (after I passed the initial confusion)…

The place was big and airy. You took a menu, perused it, then go up to the counter to make your order before receiving your number and sitting wherever you desire. Then the food came:

For the appetizer, we got Green Chili Queso & Chips. A note: though they do use the Diablo Sauce, which is reportedly their hottest sauce, it’s not that hot (especially after living in Korea). The cheese also mellows it out and as a cheese lover, it was a winner! Their thin, crisp chips were great plain as well.

For the entree of tacos, I only remember the names of what I got (my friend got two things with meat in it): Fried Avocado Taco with poblano sauce and Migas Taco and tomatillo sauce. You get a choice between flour and wheat tortillas so these are soft tacos (just in case that hasn’t been deduced from the pictures) and in an attempt to keep things on the healthy side and from habit, I chose wheat. The tacos themselves are loaded and for the price ranging from $3.50 to $4.75 per taco (yes, just one), it is on the expensive side but each taco comes with 2 tortillas so I made 2 smaller tacos from each Mother Taco, which was too big to fit into my mouth. The tacos have no added sauces in it, which is where the included sauces come in. All in all, they were pretty good in that simple way. The crunch from the breaded avocado and the crisping from the tortilla was highly enjoyable.

And of course, there’s dessert — the Little Nookies.

Essentially, they are breaded and fried balls of chocolate chip cookie dough (extra chips) and dusted with powdered sugar with maraschino cherries on the side. I have no clue why they’re named the way they’re named, but either way, they’re very interesting. I decided to try them because this was going to be the closest I was going to get to the Texas State fair. It wasn’t the healthiest – far from it – but this wasn’t about not gaining weight or maintaining anything. No, this was about adventuring.

When you bite in, the crunch gave way to the soft center of uncooked dough that was full of melted chocolate chips. It was a little on the sweet side, but no matter. A solution was found!

By this time, we still had some chips and queso. With my odd tastes, I decided that it would be an excellent idea to combine them into a Chocho, which honestly looks a lot like chili cheese nachos. It’s not. 🙂 And the amazing thing was that the flavors melded together well, complementing each other perfectly! Even my friend made her own and we proceeded to make more Chocho’s until they were gone.

And this journey marked the beginning of my decision to watch what I eat.
I’m not joking. I’m on a miniature d-i-e-t (basically, smaller portions of healthy food because I’m incapable of doing much more than that, haha).


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