Korea 2012 Trip: Directory

Tour 2012 Map

For easier access, here are all the posts made on my trip back to Korea as a Tourist organised all pretty-like. Some posts do crossover so they’re roughly put where they belong.

Incheon International Airport –> Seoul
Seoul –> Daejeon
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Korea Trip 2012: Missing Daejeon

This was the part of my trip that I was looking forward to… and yet, not. I only had barely 2 days to catch up with my friends back in Daejeon and to soak up everything – not to mention how I’m horrible at good-byes. However, as time stops for nobody, it was time and my friend and I went back to Daejeon and I quickly made a series of phone calls.

It started off well since my friend and I have a common ground: we love food and we arrived in Daejeon just in time for lunch. My friend found a love for Korean-ised Italian food so we went to the Flying Pan in Eunhaengdong, a shopping and nightlife district in Daejeon. As this was my first time dining here during lunch, I found out that they serve you free appetizers and you get a free drink! Needless to say, we were very much full after this. The downside: we didn’t get the free bread nor dipping oil prior to the meal.

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[PLACE] Torchy’s Tacos

I haven’t had “fast food” in a while, so when my friend suggested tacos for our next culinary Tacossssadventure, I was a bit excited. I was even more excited when I found out that they had vegetarian* options (and it wasn’t truly fast fast food)! Having had said that, their idea of vegetarian does not include eggs, because when I ordered my second item (migas taco) which contained eggs, they said it wasn’t vegetarian. Anyway, moving on from the vegan versus vegetarian question, which I thought was interesting (after I passed the initial confusion)…

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Korea Trip 2012: Back to Seoul

And that was how roughly 3 weeks passed us by and we found each other in Seoul for our last weekend in the country. Of course, this also marked my friend’s departure date from Korea. We decided to send him off with a full stomach from The Loving Hut by Sinchon, an International chain of vegetarian restaurants. I had only tried it once before in San Francisco and I didn’t fall in love with it…

Loving Hut

Sundubu Stew

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