[RECIPE] Christmas Shortbread

I’ve been on my holiday vacation for the past week and today was the first time I had time to do anything related to the kitchen. I decided that I needed a Me Day – and so I stayed home (minus the 15-minute run to the local market for last-minute ingredients) and decided to bake something new and do a bit of cooking.

I ended up settling on these pretty shortbread cookies. Christmas spiced, you say? Brown sugar? It intrigued me – and I love shortbread. The only reason why I don’t make it as much is the amount of butter you need. However, it is the holidays and in the spirit of the holidays, I present to you the following:


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Korea Trip 2012: Getting in Touch with my Inner Self

One of the things I loved about Korea were the temple stays. I had participated once before at Sudeoksa when I was still living there, but I wanted my friends to experience it too. After a bit of research, I encountered Golgulsa, a temple in which also hosts a sunmudo school, a type of meditative martial arts. I was psyched!

Once we arrived in Gyeongju, we took a taxi straight to Golgulsa and 40 minutes later, we were there. We got settled in and we were assigned a room as well as a set of clothes.

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