Korea 2012 Trip: Jeju Road Trip, Day 2

I had a late night my first night in Jeju, because I had originally planned to do the 8-hour hike up and down Halla-san (the big volcanic mountain in the middle of Jeju Island) but not everyone agreed. In the end, I ended up moving Halla-san to our third and last day of the trip and making the second day a full day tour of the island. …And off we went!

For such a small island, there were too many things to do and too little time to do it in. Granted, we did leave a little later than planned, but at this point, I was expecting that. First off on the list: Hamdeok Beach (yes, I’m aware the first dotted line went to Samyang Beach instead.. pretend it isn’t). This beach had a sandy beach but I loved how picturesque it was… outside of your traditional water plus sandy coast idea of a beach. I also believe a drama was filmed there (of course) and they also had a boat rental service.

It was recommended and so we went! I’m glad we did.

Then came the Manjanggul Cave and Lava Tube.

This attraction needed a bit of hiking in the dark on slippery stones and shallow puddles of water… in flip flops. Go me! Once we finally got there after walking for a bit, it looked pretty neat, but I expected something to jump out at me for my effort. 😉 No, what I loved is that the price for the ticket is 2,000 won for adults and 1,000 won for youths. Youth included those up to the age of 24. I fit! …in American years, but they need not know that. On the way out and onto the main road, we passed by a wildflower field and we just had to stop!

And next – there was Seongsan Ilchulbong. The oddest name but a really beautiful place with the greatest view after you hike to the top of the crater (the crater itself isn’t all that magnificent though)… A word of warning: the place is teaming with tourists.

And off we go to nearby Seopjikoji. A drama was filmed here, you can ride horses, and you can see the Ilchulbong in the distance. 🙂

After this was a longish-drive to the southern coast of the island to one of the main waterfalls. This one, Jeongbang Waterfall, is known as it empties straight into the sea after it flows between some rocks and boulders.

Next came the rock called Oedolgae. Honestly, I came because it was recommended but mostly because it was a dot in the middle of the sea. I wanted to walk to it! Alas, we just walk onto this platform where we look at it. Le sigh. And the sun isn’t even positioned at the right angle for a good photo… Even so, it was a pretty scenic area (as are most parts of Jeju) – and it was also another filming location (it seems like most of Jeju was used as a drama filming location).

After the huge column of rock, we went to the seaside cliffs made of lava columns.. the Jusanjeolli Cliffs. Yep, definitely getting our fill of beaches and the sea air. Through the pictures, I thought they would be much taller, but I blame it on water erosion. 🙂

Afterwards, we headed to the Jungmunsaekdal Beach. Just another beach at first glance…

Then you look closer and you realise that the dull looking sand from afar is actually made up of four different colors. Ah, one of my regrets: not getting a container to bottle up some sand to take home.

Interestingly enough, out of the many beaches I’ve visited on this trip to Korea, though all of them were nice, Jungmun is my favorite. We stayed here the longest and I just ran up and down and got my pants wet up to my knees. And then I remembered we were on a tight schedule and I was the unofficial tour guide… and so we left and went to Sanbang Mountain.


And off to the distance, you can see where Songak Mountain is. Or at least the general direction.

By this time, the sun was clearly setting. We had a couple of places that we could have gone, but we ended up going straight to Gwakjigwa Beach, because I heard of how they had an on-site hot spring where we can soak our tired feet. …Well, turns out that the news was outdated because when we got there, they had the structures but the pools were cold, full of moss, and was home to fish. Uh, no thanks.

We stayed there briefly before we started feeling the chills and headed back to the city. We had an early morning the next day and a mountain to conquer. Hwaiting!


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