[PLACE] Guru Burgers and Crepes

I like burgers. I like crepes. However, I never thought I would ever find the two in one place… until now.

I’ll be heading off to Korea soon for my one-month-long escape from the States, but not from work. Nope, I’ll be traveling and working while abroad at the same time. I’m not quite sure how this will actually work out, but I’m willing to give it my best. Before then, however, one of my friends called me up in an effort to catch me before I go off on another adventure. We ended up going to Guru Burgers and Crepes, which took me off guard for half a second. Burgers.. and crepes? What the heck – let’s do it!

I got there before my friend because of my awesome driving skills and unusually cooperative traffic. I was seated by the hostess (they have a hostess stand, as well!) and then relocated myself to somewhere closer to the floor to ceiling wall-windows with another door that leads onto the patio area. I loved the jar they used as a cup and then I perused the menu. The possibilities were endless since you could choose options for almost everything. Sure, I saw the concept before (i.e. Which Wich, Chipotle) but those weren’t sit-down restaurants with waiter service. For example:

Burgers: 13 choices with 3 different sizes (sliders, regular, double) and choice of bun (twist roll, whole wheat, gluten free, bunless)

Sides: 3 different fries and homemade beet chips with your choice of seasoning (salt+pepper, parmesan, sweet+salty, and truffle oil) in 2 different sizes (regular, share)

I was settling on the Big Shroom – the only vegetarian option on the burger portion of the menu. However, our waitress was quick to inform me once she found out I was a herbivore that they had a new item that was not on the menu yet: Captain Planet.

Cap’n features a black-bean-and-quinoa patty with veggies, avocado, and a slice of melted provolone. It was pretty good and because I was feeling particularly quirky (read: I hadn’t washed my hands after reaching down to pick up the stick that held my meal together after it fell to the floor but was too hungry), so I ate it all with a knife and fork. The patty itself is a little delicate, but it was good and moist; I didn’t mind that some bits fell apart because that just meant I could savor it just a bit more.

Now, let’s take a look at my friend’s Lamb-itious Burger on a Twist Roll Bun featuring the surprise!lamb patty:

I can’t say much about it other than how it didn’t look bad, but my friend certainly loved it! Now, for our side that we shared — the heavenly sweet potato fries with truffle oil…

I don’t mind truffle but I won’t go crazy over it – but I guess you could say I like it. It has that taste that’s hard to pinpoint. Perhaps it showcases that other sense of taste, umami. Either way, the unique tones of it had me spearing more and more onto my fork and into my mouth. They were crisp and magnificent! However, I couldn’t help but wonder if it would contribute to more break outs on my face – a tissue underneath to soak up oils, please? Still delicious, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now for dessert–

Mascarpone Crepes. I always found mascarpone to be a little overwhelming and a little too rich to be eaten alone – at least for my tastes – but in this dish, it was amazing. Plus, it can’t just be mascarpone – I detected a hint of something extra that added to it and the drizzle of custard along with the tart fruit toppings… I WANTED MORE. Alas, I’m not made of money and I am not host to an insatiable stomach.

In fact, at the end of it all (when the place started getting busier and a family with three kids entered – the high ceilings of the place were excellent for making things sound louder), I even got to take some of it home in the cutest little to-go container ever.

Guru Burgers and Crepes, you’ve won me over. What have you got to offer me next?


4 thoughts on “[PLACE] Guru Burgers and Crepes

  1. Hey there! How’s it going? I’ve been enjoying catching up on your blog, hehe. Hope you’re having a great time getting ready for your upcoming adventures! Hope to catch up with you soon!


    • Hi there!

      Wow… I’ve been really busy these days since I’m traveling but still working as well. >..<: I know I'm very behind on it. However… CONGRATULATIONS on winning the contest!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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