[PLACE] HRW: Uptown Sushi

The first time I heard the name of this place, I thought about how utterly unimaginative it was; it was located in the Uptown/Galleria area and it served Japanese cuisine of the sushi variety. I love sushi as it is my one big weakness which is why I’m essentially a sushitarian, but I never thought I would get the chance to go; I don’t usually eat out and it’s a bit on the expensive end of the spectrum. However, this changed when I learned about Houston Restaurant Weeks.

Basically, over 100 fine restaurants (and 1 cooking school) in the Houston area signed up to offer a 3 to 4-course meal for the month of August for only $35 per person. On top of that, $5 of that amount will go to the Houston Food Bank. Even though my diet is a little more flexible than the strict vegetarian, the exception of raw seafood still limits my choices, so after one of my foodie friends told me about HRW, I had to look up each and every restaurant that was participating and I made a list of restaurants that served vegetarian-friendly dishes or sushi. From that list, my friends decided upon Uptown Sushi and a reservation later, we found ourselves there enjoying their great food.

We arrived a little after six. There were a few seated tables, but it was barely halfway full, though this changed by the time we left when almost every table was occupied. The interior was clearly up-scale, which made me feel slightly self conscious after I launched myself at a friend for the biggest hug I could give a split second after the door closed behind us, but they were professional about it, though I can’t say the same for what they were thinking. A hostess led us to our table; a booth with comfortable seating along the wall. There was also an elevated seating area. Half of the walls were tiled and the other half, curtained.

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