JJ Lin’s Love U U

English in Asian songs are commonplace, but it never fails to make me cringe most of the time – that is unless the singer/songwriter grew up in an English speaking country or has studied it abroad. JJ Lin, a Singaporean singer is somewhat of an acception; the English in his songs aren’t horrible, though some things can be confusing. However, this song that I came across from him really bugged me. Love U U?? Who in the world came up with that? Although JJ usually writes and composes his songs, it all makes sense that he only composed this one. Or at least I hope he would never come up with something like ‘love u u’…

This song is from a movie titled Love U U (夏日樂悠悠) [2011], which you can watch here, starring Eddie Peng and Angelababy.

林俊傑 – Love U U
Lin Jun Jie – LOVE U U
JJ Lin – Love U U

Love U U 我像孤獨的漁夫
LOVE U U wo xiang gu du de yu fu
Love u u, I’m like a solitary fisherman
Shuo bu chu ai de wen du
Unable to verbally express the warmth of love
很想給你幸福 你卻自我保護
Hen xiang gei ni xing fu ni que zi wo bao hu
I really want to give you happiness, but you yourself is doing the protecting
Zhuan wan chu zhi sheng xia chao xi zhi wai de huang wu
The turning of the tide only leaves behind desolation

Love U U 卻在海裡迷了路
LOVE U U que zai hai li mi le lu
Love UU, but I’m lost at sea
Zhao bu chu xin de gui shu
Unable to find my sense of belonging
思念越嘗越苦 心跳亂了腳步
Si nian yue chang yue ku xin tiao luan le jiao bu
Each thought becomes more bitter, my heartbeat is no longer steady
Zen me wo du bu dong ni chun yu zhi jian de wu zhu
Why can’t I read the helplessness between your words

就算用盡所有真心 卻到不了你的心底
Jiu suan yong jin suo you zhen xin que dao bu liao ni de xin di
Even if I used up all of my heart, I can’t reach your heart
回憶難以靠近 你是我奢求的唯一
Hui yi nan yi kao jin ni shi wo she qiu de wei yi
It’s hard to get close to memories; you’re the one thing I want
讓我用盡所有力氣 只要你相信
Rang wo yong jin suo you li qi zhi yao ni xiang xin
Let me exhaust my stores of energy only to let you believe
我最堅持的聲音 只剩一句Love U U, stay with me
Wo zui jian chi de sheng yin zhi sheng yi ju LOVE U U, STAY WITH ME
My most persistent voice only leaves behind, “Love U U, stay with me”

能不能別這樣放棄 能不能就放開自己
Neng bu neng bie zhe yang fang qi neng bun eng jiu fang kai zi ji
Could you stop giving up like this? Could you just let go of yourself?
海浪穿透我的傷心 請聽一聽愛的聲音
Hai lang chuan tou wo de shang xin qing ting yi ting ai de sheng yin
The waves penetrate my broken heart; please listen to the voice of love

What truly caught my attention was the melody. I just love it and I quickly got it stuck in my head. ^^ JJ Lin – another one of my favorites. Speaking of which, I should listen to his latest album, Lost and Found (學不會) [December 2011].


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