JJ Lin’s Love U U

English in Asian songs are commonplace, but it never fails to make me cringe most of the time – that is unless the singer/songwriter grew up in an English speaking country or has studied it abroad. JJ Lin, a Singaporean singer is somewhat of an acception; the English in his songs aren’t horrible, though some things can be confusing. However, this song that I came across from him really bugged me. Love U U?? Who in the world came up with that? Although JJ usually writes and composes his songs, it all makes sense that he only composed this one. Or at least I hope he would never come up with something like ‘love u u’…

This song is from a movie titled Love U U (夏日樂悠悠) [2011], which you can watch here, starring Eddie Peng and Angelababy.

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Fat: It Keeps Comin’ Back

I’m sure other people have this problem. You finally take off a decent amount of fat, only to find that it’s returned out of nowhere – slowly but surely – somewhat reminiscent of a horror film and a nightmare combined into one.

I was always someone who always had a bit of squish to me of various amounts. I finally noticed in 6th grade but I didn’t really care until university. Then, I discovered the gym while in college and I would go on-and-off. Of course, the problem then was a lack of something called motivation.

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Have You Taken Your O.W.L.s?

I used to be a humongous Harry Potter fan – after I joined the bandwagon late, that is, and only because my mom was so curious why so many people were crazy about the series, so she added Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to my stack of books at the library. That started something that utterly consumed me – hello, fanfiction! – and I would start incorporating terms into my daily speech, not to mention a light British accent. Yes, I was a bit obsessed…

All right, I’ll be right there after I apparate on over – what are the coordinates again?

Okay. I kid. It was more like:

You know what? I wish I could disapparate and apparate. I could get anywhere in no time!

If only I could accio my laptop over to me right now…

If I could, I would crucio – wait, I don’t hate you THAT much – sectumsempra you right now!!!

But then life got ahead of me and I stopped having as much free time and once the last book was finished, it just decreased to a simmer, though I still made it to opening nights for the remaining Harry Potter films. However, I recently heard about the Real Life O.W.L.s (Ordinary Wizarding Levels) – you know, sort of like the Pre-SAT’s (for those under the American education system)… or the SAT’s whereas I always saw the NEWTs as another form of the SATs and the GRE. They’re, of course, based on the books, among other things, and I decided that I must try it – however do note that the last day to take any of the O.W.L.s is on June 24th. There are a total of 12 O.W.L.s, one for each subject, though I’m sure you can choose which to take:

  • Muggle Studies
  • Potions
  • Ancient Runes
  • Magical Creatures
  • Arithmancy
  • Herbology
  • Astronomy
  • Charms
  • Transfiguration
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • History of Magic
  • Divination

Here’s the “homepage” screenshot:

As you can see, I already took Muggle Studies so it’s no longer on the list. I chose that one first because I thought it was be easy and I thought it wouldn’t take too long, but it isn’t all that easy. It asks you some obscure things that I even took to using my resources to help me out. O_O That’s all I’ll say on that. I’m planning on taking as much as I can before the deadline. So, if you want to add onto your workload or was a hardcore Harry Potter fan…

Click HERE to take your O.W.L.s!!!

(remember, the last day to take them is June 24th)

Yoga Lin’s “Forced Happiness”

Yoga Lin.

If you haven’t heard of him, shame on you. Okay, I’m joking. You probably haven’t heard of him unless you listen to contemporary, Chinese-language music, but I hope I made you feel just a little bad. Yoga (yes, very original name – I approve even though he probably got it from his Chinese name, but way better than Fish.. no offense intended as I do like some of her music) is a Taiwanese singer who began his singing career in 2007 and he’s only a year older than me. This is when I think of what I’ve accomplished in my life so far and ultimately decide that I really shouldn’t. What makes me like him is how he dabbles a bit in various music genres, not limiting himself to just one, including the usual hip-hop all the way to rock and even swing – not to mention his voice. I’ve always found it unique and soothing. In short, he’s awesome.

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Coursera: Education for the Masses

Roughly three months ago, or shortly after my return to the States, a friend of mine had told me about this website that offered free online classes to anyone as long as they had Internet access called Coursera. On top of that, they’re all taught by professors from well-acclaimed institutions of further education. Of course, I did a little bit of research; it seemed too good to be true, especially for my incredibly bored self, just coming through the transition of being a Busy Bee in Korea and a semi-Bum here, at the time. Honestly, all I did was go to their About Us page since I was pretty desperate and here’s a basic introduction:

We are a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. We envision a future where the top universities are educating not only thousands of students, but millions. Our technology enables the best professors to teach tens or hundreds of thousands of students.

Classes offered on Coursera are designed to help you master the material. When you take one of our classes, you will watch lectures taught by world-class professors, learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and reinforce concepts through interactive exercises. When you join one of our classes, you’ll also join a global community of thousands of students learning alongside you. We know that your life is busy, and that you have many commitments on your time. Thus, our courses are designed based on sound pedagogical foundations, to help you master new concepts quickly and effectively.

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King 2 Hearts

I enjoy a good amount of intrigue, action, and adventure in the forms of entertainment that I turn to, in addition to a bit of humor thrown in and the occasional bit of romance. So, when I heard about this new drama starring kick-butt Ha Ji Won from Secret Garden and Lee Seung Gi from My Girlfriend’s a Gumiho who play star-crossed lovers from North and South Korea, I was itching to watch. Sadly, I had to wait until it was finished before I could but after a week and a day of on-and-off watching around my schedule, I got to finishing it…


: The King 2 Hearts (더킹 투하츠), The King (더킹), King 2 Hearts (킹 투허츠)
Year: 2012
Links: dramawiki, dramabeans (major spoilers here)
Episodes: 20, around 1hr3m each
: Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Yoon Ji, Joon Je Moon, Lee Sung Min, Yoon Yeo Jung
Genre(s): Growing up, Romance, slight Intrigue/Suspense
Synopsis: This drama is set in modern day where South Korea is governed by a constitutional monarchy. Lee Jae Ha is a handsome and materialistic crown prince that doesn’t care about politics. He falls for Kim Hang Ah, a North Korean special forces agent.


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Wheatgrass: Bring on the Green!

The first time I heard of it, a bunch of question marks popped up in my head. Wheat… grass? I decided that it must be one of those new-fangled foods that’s been proven in studies to be beneficial for one’s health. I also decided it didn’t sound remotely appealing.

In truth, it really does resemble the grass in my front lawn, though perhaps more on the delicate side. Then one day, the enthusiastic health nut that my mom is, she decided to order a shot of wheatgrass at Jamba Juice. She made the most disgusted face (at the taste) ever, which was interesting, because she’s one of those people who will eat anything that is good for one’s health – no complaints. Well, her facial expression said enough, I thought. Thereon after, I didn’t hear much about this plant until my mom somehow wanted to buy a box of fresh wheatgrass because she saw them at our local Central Market (the more up-scale version of HEB) – about 8 bucks for a good amount of those little, organic green sprigs.

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