DIY Braided Bead Bracelets

As someone who’s temporarily unemployed and waiting for my next calling, I’ve been searching for new projects to take on. One of them was do-it-yourself jewelry. I’m not very knowledgeable about jewelry, nor do I have much interest in it, but I have noticed that they tend to be overpriced and since I love saving money, I decided to try making one of them. I decided upon one that looked neat and sounded easy enough for me to start and finish: Braided Bead Bracelets (tutorials here and here).

See, I’m not very patient and I can’t stand to do something over… and over… and over again. Even so, I took a trip to a local Hobby Lobby and searched for waxed linen (it never hit me until now as to exactly how many different kinds of thread, cords, wires, and string can be used for things like this), seed beads, and cute 2-hole buttons. They didn’t have a big variety to choose from (I even considered going home and purchasing them online in variety packs with assorted colors, but since I was already there, I sucked it up), but I ended up purchasing the needed materials…

Then, I cleared out a small area on my desk, cut out two pieces of waxed linen, and proceeded to follow the directions to the best of my abilities. At first, my nails got in the way and I had a brain farct where I briefly forgot how to braid, but before long, I soon got the hang of it. My braids weren’t as tight as I would have liked them to be, but as someone who rarely does things like this, I’m fairly content.

This was obviously my first time dealing with waxed linen. I was most curious about this. I mean, you want me to thread tiny beads without the help of a needle onto strings of waxed flax strands? Even so, it worked out well! Some of the holes in the beads (I used size 0/8 – my Hobby Lobby had tons of sizes 0/6 and 0/10 in tons of different colors, but only size 0/8 in black, so black it is – good thing I like black, though I was rooting for silver) were too small for me to take the time and force the ‘linen’ through it even with a bit of twisting, but it worked smoothly. In fact, I ended up stringing too many beads the first time around, so I had to take some out to braid the last inch or so, once I test-wrapped it around my wrist.

At last, not too long later (perhaps no more than 15 minutes), I completed my first bracelet.

I gave my wrist (and the bracelet) about 2 centimeters of extra room, because I hate things that constrict me. For reference, here’s the bracelet stretched out adjacent to my beat-up ruler from my high school days.

So! The point of this post was the demonstrate just how easy this was – ’cause I finished the first one and then proceeded to make a second one. The second point was the record something within my own personal history – I made a bracelet! It’s unheard of, but apparently not impossible. I have enough matching guitar pick buttons (I suppose they’re somewhat heart-shaped as well) to make an additional two more. I just wish I had more colors to play with!


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