Norazo Surprises Once More

I’ve recently decided that Norazo (노라조) is one of my favorite Korean music acts. Sure, I started off listening to k-pop (even if you want to ignore it, it’s hard to when you lived in Korea and some of them are just so catchy that you can’t help but find yourself humming to it while doing the dishes one day – it happened to me), but I’ve recently gotten into looking up indie Korean groups. That was off topic, as Norazo isn’t an indie artist. By the way – the term “indie” when paired with a music artist’s name in Korea means “independent” – meaning they’re not signed to a particular company and is not a particular genre of music.

There isn’t much information on the group in English, but here’s the little that I gleaned from what I found (1, 2, 3, 4). Norazo’s a Korean rock (or “pop-rock” as this site says) duo, made up of members Jo Bin (real name: Jo Hyun-jun) born in 1974, and Lee Hyuk (real name: Lee Jae-yong), born in 1979.

Lee Hyuk (left) and Jo Bin (right).

Two meanings can be gleaned from the name Norazo (노라조): “play with me” from norajwo (놀아줘) and “bird earnestly blowing a [brass] horn” from nula’niao (努喇鳥). The latter sounds a bit awkward but what I have isn’t much better (a bird exerting strength to call out.. or something). The duo is famous for their unique lyrics and eccentric appearances.

What I personally love about them (other than how I find Lee Hyuk a great from of eye candy and he has this powerful voice as well) is that their songs are usually up beat, ranging from ballads to rock (and some Korean trot influenced pop in between) but the content of the lyrics are usually a complete surprise and about the oddest things. Anyway, this post wasn’t meant to be a plug about them. They recently released a new single titled Woman Person (여자사람/yeoja saram), which shortly became a fixated song in my playlist. Then I came across this article (translated from here):

It has come to light that the lyrics of Norazo’s new song “Woman Person” was written by an 8-year-old.

On May 10, the agency of the team stated, “The lyrics of the song ‘Woman Person’ was written by an 8-year-old boy, Lee Jung In. He wrote the song based on the conversation he had with the moon and the stars. The lyrics are brilliant with innocence and the purity of children.”

The little lyricist is a son of Lee Young Jun, the lyricist of the group’s hit ‘Super Man.’ With the suggestion by the songwriter dad, the son is set to join the list of famed musicians.

On May 4, the eccentric group Norazo gave the first performance of the single “Woman Person.” The members transformed themselves into the characters in the famous movie Leon (1994)—Jo Bin as Leon and Lee Hyuk as Mathilda.

The responses for the song are positive. On its release, it has ranked high on various music charts. Arranged to harmonize the acoustic drum and the guitar, the song is also causing a sensation with its title, which was a recently coined word.

If it were some other group, this might make me wonder, but when it’s Norazo we’re talking about – the same seemingly random Norazo that released a song about being filial to one’s parentscurry, and… constipation – I love it even more. 🙂 It also explains a lot, haha. Props to that 8-year-old kid (so that’s why it’s ‘woman person’) and, to Norazo, keep up the good work!


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