The Receptacle

The first post is the hardest post, so I pondered over it for approximately 3.4 minutes until I came up with something that I deemed appropriate. Then it took an additional 7 minutes to get a basic mental outline of how it could come about. Either way, here I am and tonight, I will talk about our physical bodies.

Wow, that just reminded of my teaching days. Talk about blast to the past.

This here is a chibi-fied Yagami Raito from Death Note. Adjacent to him is a house. They are one and the same.

See, it occurred to me in one of my random fits of enlightenment, or something of the sort, that human bodies are comparable to houses – but even better. Why? Simply because they’re self-efficient. After all, you won’t see a house get up by itself and go do its thing, do you? I would absolutely love my house if it got up and retrieved its own electricity and store of water; that way, the bills wouldn’t come. It would also win brownie points if it has a self-cleaning capability as well. …I was joking, in a sense – I know that being self-sufficient does require money unless you live on a college campus and they give out free vegetarian sandwiches from Jimmy Johns at around lunch time (this actually only happened once during my undergraduate career).

Back to the point: human bodies are controlled and filled up by a sentient something that use it as a receptacle to do things and houses are just there for the purpose of, well, housing things. This is why funerals are only for the living and their lingering sentiments, but that’s for another time and another post. The reason why I say a body is like a house is because it’s here until that SS [sentient something] goes away (translation: we die).

For instance, you can say one’s head is like the attic. The head’s rather important – the brain’s in it, for one. If there’s no brain, there’s generally no phenomenon called life (this can be debatable if you really get into it, but humor me). Without a roof, a house cannot possibly be called a proper form of shelter. The torso and the encased organs is like the rest of the house – the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom(s), the bedroom(s), etc. The appendages of a body is sort of like the surrounds of the house; you don’t necessarily need them to live (but it’s preferable that they’re there to make things more appealing and easier). Then there is the bodily fluid otherwise known as blood. When it comes to a dwelling, I imagine the people who inhabit it makes up the blood and life force of it, yes? Otherwise, the house/apartment/condo/castle/mobile home would have no one to care for it and it would eventually end up in shambles and being purchased by one of the companies who advertise that they want ugly, unwanted homes. A sad thought, indeed. If I was a house, I would hate that – I’d rather be haunted than empty. Much less boring.

Of course, just because a receptacle has SS interacting with it doesn’t mean that all is well. After all, just like you have houses that are still in need of repair because of negligent owners or financial matters, you also have obese receptacles because their SS gives not a care in the universe that they eat fast food three times a day and wash it down with a liter of Coke.

*In order to keep this somewhat PG, I’ve decided to use drawings of everything. I was really close to posting up pictures of an authentic corpse but it reminded me of when I showed a drawing of a zombie for a game during Halloween to my fourth graders and apparently, some of the girls thought it was frightening. 

So there you have it. The reason why wherever I am for the time being is my home. Sure, I have headquarters based in a particular location in the States, but home is where my body is. I guess, saying that home is where your heart is also makes sense as well, since your heart is located within your body. However, I don’t think the person who first started that saying meant it in the literal sense.


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